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March 30

Never a moment's rest in our little world of late.

We are in need of an additional bedroom and we have decided against the preferred (cheapest) option, which is to extend our house. The main reason being that Sputnik would not appreciate living his first 6 months in a construction zone. So with most homes in the area being over priced and not exactly what we want, we have decided to buy some land and design our own home. As the principal draughtsperson, Nell really has her work cut out for her now. She will be posting preliminary sketches shortly.

We misplaced the kittens, and Indi searched the grounds for them. She burst into the house quite distraught, relating that the kittens were stuck up a huge tree. It seems that they are great at scaling up trees but are yet to learn how to scale back down. The rescue was dramatic involving Col in rock climbing gear with pregnant Nell on the belay. The kittens were returned to terra firma without a scratch, unlike Colin who had trouble convincing the beasts to let go of branches and relax in his arms.

Once safely inside, Indigo and Kahlilla nursed the kittens while Col nursed his kitten scratches.

They're OK!!

March 27

Such busy days for our family.

Over easter, we spent a few days with Uncle Craig at Cape Otway and it was such a wonderful holiday.

Indi and Lill fed the cows on the neighbouring farm

Despite the look, Kahlilla had a wonderful time riding the motorbikes

Lill getting dragged along the sand by an expurgated Uncle Craig

Patting the gorgeous horse

The girls made a friend in Shadow the kelpie

The girls helped to herd the sheep with Farmer Ron

In the evening, we were treated to a stunning display of lightening

Kahlilla spotted a koala in a low tree right near Uncle Craig's house

Lilly and her uncle approached carefully and even gave the koala a pat - a very brave thing to do to a wild male koala with huge sharp claws

This is not a postcard - just a holiday snap.

These are the days my friends. Enjoy every second with your loved ones.

March 18

Happy Birthday Birthday Girl

We had such a wonderful day today with our birthday girl. There were a few presents to be opened in the morning, then Kahlilla shared a cake at school with her class.

In the evening, we ate out at Lill's favourite Italian restaurant with Lulu, Bells and Tolidude, Grandad Terry and Granny Franny and of course Lilly's Poppy.

Cake No.3

What an adorable child

Best wishes and all our love Kahlilla for the many birthdays yet to come

March 16

Party Day for our little girl... Kahlilla invited all her school friends for a party at the Amazing Maze Place.

Mum made a superb jewelry box birthday cake

So much fun in the illusions room

Pinky girl in the amazing mirror maze

Happy Birthday Blyssful Lilly

March 15

We have just had a scorching Saturday , which was spent either at the beach or sitting by the air conditioner at home.

Kahlilla with her Aunt Clara

Followed by a cool bubble bath at the end of the day

March 12

Mum and Kahlilla shared a distant day together and they were both so happy to be with each other, although it is frustrating a a little sad not to be able to hold and squeeze her delightful child.

Lill swam for hours at the pool this evening

A photo had to be taken of the hair on this cheeky little girl

March 11

Today was SCAN DAY and so Kahlilla travelled into Melbourne today with her Nanny and Uncle Geoff. She stayed beautifully still for her X Ray and MIBG scan.

The results were promising with an obvious reduction in all tumours. We suspected this already by her pain free sprinting about the place, however it was still a relief to hear the official results.

Kahlilla's next MIBG dose is scheduled close to Sputnik's arrival date, so we will have to rearrange a few things, and I daresay Sputnik's delivery date will not be subject to negotiation.

Water pistol games on the trampoline

March 9

Gypsy Booshka was loaded into the car and taken to visit Kahlilla. Lill was so pleased to see her kitten that happy tears flowed once again.

Booshka and Lilly (With fading face paint)

In the afternoon, we all went to the park so we could spend time in a place where Kahlilla and Sputnik could maintain a safe distance. Lill and Mum had a quick squeeze then Indi and Lill played together for ages, happy to see each other again.

Lill did not follow Indi up this huge pine tree - Our car can be seen below

March 8

Kahlilla is having a ball with her Nanny, Poppy, Auntie Jessie and Uncle Dan.

There was face painting at the night market

A beautiful evening at the beach

Fun times with Auntie Jessie

Lill and her adoring Poppy

March 7

Kahlilla went into hospital yesterday with her Poppy for the next round of radiation treatment. She was a little apprehensive about the needle she was about to have, but she ran through the doors nonetheless. This is such a positive sign when compared to January 9th of this year when she hobbled into the hospital, wincing in pain.

Kahlilla will be scanned early next week, so we will find out then how the tumours and treatment is progressing. Her lack of pain over the past 2 months without treatment is encouraging.

So please keep her in your thoughts as she endures the next week away from her Mum. What can we say... Love your friends and family and make the most of every minute.

March 3

Beautiful days with our girls. Mum organised a wonderful birthday party for Colin.

Happy Birthday to me

Brave pregnant Mum on Pete...
"Faster faster" screams Kahlilla.
"Not without hemets" says Mum

Kahlilla giving little Sputnik a kiss at the beach

March 1

It is Colin's birthday and he received a superb massage chair (Perfect for an old man) and a gorgeous card with a beautiful picture drawn by Kahlilla on the inside.

Points to note :
Kahlilla is advancing from writing her name as lilla to Kahlilla via Klilla... the "a" and "h" will be there soon.
The green at the bottom is grass
The stuff in the air are fireworks and balloons
The object left of centre is a one eyed vampire having recently sucked the blood out of a baddie

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