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Attention all
One of Lil's special friends Alf has written a beautiful song for her called Lullaby. Please click here to listen.

March 31

What a nice, normal week for Kahlilla. She has her dancing class, then her musical munchkins, then kindi on Fridays. Kindi has been extra special because Mum lets Lill stay there all by herself with just the other kids and teachers.

Kahlilla is growing up into a great kid and a beautiful little friend. She is kind and generous and cheeky and considerate... and she loves a laugh. She also adores her family and is extremely affectionate handing out cuddles and big squeezes all the time. She wakes up fresh and happy each day and tells you about her dreams - usually butterflies, fairies, nice dragons and rainbows.

Kahlilla is also a normal kid with sulky moments and little tantrums that are always short lived. She loves her animals and is always thrilled to see that the chooks have laid their daily eggs (Although Romy suffered during a recent heatwave and has not laid since - we may have to sit her down and show her the movie, Chicken Run, so she can see what Mrs Tweedy does to chooks who don't lay eggs!)

Kahlilla also loves the moon and stars, sunsets and the wind and rain, often asking to be whisked outside during a rainstorm so she can open her mouth and catch some rain drops. Lill loves tickles and has a wicked, infectious chuckle.

Well.... enough gushing over the kid.... now.... by popular demand .....here is a snap of her Mum and Colin.

Mum was a knockout (left) .. and Colin (right) wore his skirt all weekend

March 25

We all went to the birthday party of our great friend Lou last night. It was an outrageous fancy dress. Lill dressed up as a unicorn, Indi a dragon, Mum was Foxy Cleopatra and Colin was a woman (In a very fetching black mini)

A great shot of the girls can be found below, but Mum and Colin can only be found at this website ..... girlswithboysinterribledrag.com.fishnets.org.net.de

Our party girls

March 23

We received the most excellent news from the hospital today. Kahlilla's wee wee is normal. Active neuroblastoma cells have a waste product called catecholamines which shows itself in the wee wee. So Kahlilla is OK!!!!! We are not sure why her MIBG scan showed signs of activity, but we hope to hear a few theories during our next hospital visit, in our attempt to understand this cancer more fully.

March 19

Kahlilla spent the first day of her new year with her Nanny and had a great day indeed, spending most of it on her new, enormous trampoline.

"Ballon Girl"

"Take a photo of me please Nanny"

"Bacon and eggs for lunch....mmmmm"

Later in the day, Kahlilla opened all her presents from yesterday, beacause she was having too much fun during her party to open them then.

Kahlilla is 4 years Old Today!!!

Happy Birthday Precious Girl

March 18

Kahlilla turned 4 today and we had a huge party!

Our Party Girl

At one stage, everyone was given a black balloon and we all released them at the same time. The balloons flew into the air and slowly disappeared from view - Never to be seen again

Bye Bye Black Balloons

The kids had an amazing sea life experience with Deep Sea Debbi. Debbi operates a mobile zoo full of sea creatures, and she gave a presentation to the Starlight Room about one year ago where she met Kahlilla.

Colin volunteering to hold the octopus

Debbi kindly accepted a request to set up her incredible zoo at Kahlilla's party at short notice. All the kids were enthralled at the starfish, crabs, sharks and octopii. Thankyou so much Debbi for your help and kindness today.

Please feel free to check out Debbi's deep sea web site by clicking here

Nanny made an awesome cake

The Outfits

"Aunt Jess and Darci, Lou and Mum as Fairy Princesses

Col was Backwards Man

***Kahlilla's birthday reminds us that it is Samantha Hughes' birthday also. Have a beautiful, happy day Sammy.

You can find Sammy by clicking here

March 15

Lill is going well apart from a fever and a snotty nose. She hit 38 degrees!!!! A walk in the park after her PB of over 41 degrees.

We are down to one mouse

We are down to one whale also

March 13

Today was the big trip into Melbourne for Lill's monthly check up at the hospital. Lill's doctor was a little concerned about an irregularity (Hot Spot) on her MIBG scan a month ago, so he ordered an X Ray be done on Kahlilla's left femur. Lill was just annoyed because she wanted to go to the Starlight Room. Nell was beside herself with shock.

After a couple of agonizing hours of waiting, the doctor declared that the X Ray was all clear. They are doing a few more tests and we will find out what is going on in a week or so.

It is all a little vague and we are feeling a bit numb.... Please keep Kahlilla in your thoughts and prayers...Thank you.

March 11

Kahlilla's friends Megan and Alf were married today in a charming ceremony at a country homestead, followed by a wild party.

Indigo and kahlilla were flower girls.

The flower girls did such a good job spreading petals on the ground for Megan

A gentle hug from Kahlilla

Such a pity Lill was in bed when this beautiful snap was.... snapped

Lill was a little tired but a few hours sleep after the ceremony brought her back to life and she was soon dancing with the gang.

At around 10pm, it was all too much and Kahlilla found a suitable spot to collapse on her beloved blankie

We must thank Alf and Megan for including us in their special day and we wish for them a happy and healthy life together.

March 8

Lill finally had a bowel movement after various medicines and bum bullets. She is still not right but much bettter

Lilly looking after her friend Toli - check out the shower caps on this girl's feet!

Doctor and patient reunited after surgery

March 5

Lill has been a little off these past few days. Tummy and back aches and no jobbies. We are trying our best not to think back to November 1.

March 1

It was Col's birthday today and we had a party in the evening.

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