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February 28

K ahlilla has a little cold and last night she awoke with a 39 degree temp. The doctor today diagnosed her with mild pneumonia in both lungs. She is fine however, so we kept her indoors and she optimised her day away from school playing with Mum and the kittens (cats!)

Kahlilla and Dennis

February 23

More wonderful days for us in Australia. There have been many fun times at school, sunny afternoons at the beach, and even an evening at the pier in a cold, windy storm.

"This is crazy weather for summer"

Seconds before Mum's brolly snapped in the wind.

February 17

We have just returned from an incredible camp held by the Very Special Kids Organisation.
You can visit VSK by clicking here

The girls had so much fun and we met some truly beautiful kids, remarkable families and tireless camp volunteers.

Thanks VSK for these awesome times.

The girls and their new horse

Indigo was so brave to give the python a cuddle

Mum organised and made costumes for Marge, V, Catgirl and SpiderGirl, for the super hero fancy dress party at the camp

Spider Girl

Spider Girl running ... what a glorious sight!

A Message for all our Spanish Speaking Friends

Un gran y fuerte abrazo a todos nuestros amigos hispano hablantes. Siempre leemos sus mensajes, los cuales nos brindan Fortaleza cada dia. Sigan orando por nuestra pequeñita que es la luz de nuestros ojos , muchisimas gracias por su tan querido y apreciado apoyo.

February 13

Kahlilla is going along very well at school. She even caught the bus home one day... growing up too fast.

February 12

We have just spent a beautiful weekend with our friends Robbo, Susie and Shari.

The girls shared their trampoline with the guests

Kahlilla and Shari

At the incredible uder the sea play room

As we were driving along the coast, Kahlilla spotted a pink flower. If we picked it, other people would not be able to see its beauty, so we photographed it instead which appeased the flower girl.

February 10

Kahlilla had a Hawaiian party today and she looked a treat in her hula skirt.

Hula Girl

February 9

The girls woke early, but Mum slept in. When Mum finally awoke, Indi and Lill invaded the room and gave Mum and Sputnik a triple decker cuddle.

Cuddlng girls

February 8

Nell had an ultrasound and we saw an amazing 3-D view of little Sputnik.


February 7

Just letting everyone know that we are expriencing sublime normality here on Phillip Island.

The kittens love Kahlilla

The kittens love Kahlilla's brown blankie

Kahlilla loves Sputnik

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