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Attention all
One of Lil's special friends Alf has written a beautiful song for her called Lullaby. Please click here to listen.

Lilly and Collie having a groove

February 23

Lill had a day at kindi today and Mum left her alone all by herself! Kahlilla was so good, playing with her friends.

Tonight it was dinner at Poppy's house. Nanny made a yummy dinner and we all had so much fun, especially the girls who were riding their bikes in the driveway after dark. It was a late night for all but it was Friday night after all.

February 21

The annual fund raising appeal for the Childrens Hospital is on again. Last year Kahlilla was filmed during one of her hospital stays and she was then on the telly during the promotional ads. She must have made an impact, because the TV people have asked if they can use her footage again this year. If you are in Melbourne, you will see her now and then on Channel 7 singing "You Are My Sunshine"

February 20

Kahlilla Blyss is fine. The hospital said they would call if there was any problem, and they haven't called, so it must be safely assumed there is no problem. No news is indeed good news.

We had a great weekend just gone. It was 40 degrees C on both Saturday and Sunday, so we spent both evenings at the nearby surf beach. The girls were very brave and Indi caught her first wave, which was rather incredible given that she was riding a bright blue inflatable dolphin. Lill was so excited splashing in and running from the waves. We forgot to charge the camera batteries so we missed catching some happy moments on film/disk/silicon/memory stick.... captured in our hearts and memories will just have to suffice instead.

Today was Kahlilla's day for dance class. She was a star.The Accutane is attacking the skin on this gorgeous girl yet again - Not that Lill is bothered. She gently peels away the loose flakes and quotes Goldmember with quips like ..... "I'm peeling" .... "That one is a keeper" .... and .... "Put this one in the skin box please"

Mental preparation in the car on the way to class

Warming up before the class

A little out of focus but totally beautiful

Waiting with her friends

February 15

Kahlilla Blyss is fine. We won't receive the results of yesterday's scan for a few days, but we know she is just fine.

2 days at the hospital was the usual crazy blend of stress, fear, worry and fun. Kahlilla had to have a canula inserted into he wrist and she was so scared. It is quite a long needle. Once the needle was in, the radioactive stuff was injected, then Lill had to lie down for the short scan.

Kahlilla was so beautiful and still for her scan

Kahlilla waited patiently for her turn to see her doctor

Dr Waters said he was thrilled with Kahlilla's progress, then Lill made a beeline for the Starlight Room, where she had a butterfly painted on her hand and she played amongst the beanbags.

Fun fun fun in that magic room.

The following day, Kahlilla had to have a general anaeshetic because her scan will take about 90 minutes which is a long time for a little girl to lie perfectly still. The doctor gave her a little sedative before the G.A. and Lilly blissed away on her beautiful little drowsy high.

Trippy Lilly

Kahlilla awoke from her sleep very drowsy and sad, but she soon fell asleep again in what appeared to be a blissful slumber

Before we left the hospital , we returned all the nose tube goop we had been accumulating at the house. That tube is never going back in to this little fighter

February 13

Well, the time has come once again for Kahlilla to return to the hospital for her scans. Tuesday is the day for an ultra sound and an injection of radioactive stuff called MIBG. The MIBG runs around Lill's blood and bones for 24 hours looking for neuroblastoma cells to cling to. Any MIBG caught loitering in groups after 24 hours is not a good sign. We all know, however, that the MIBG can run around, to its heart's content through our little girl's body, because it is going to find ...

... to cling to.

Please keep Kahlilla in your thoughts and prayers over the next 2 days. She will be fine.... but she does hate needles.

February 12

Nice moments with our girls over the past couple of days. We have had good times at home and great times at Nanny and Poppy's house.

Lill practiced her art at home ...
(I love this painting) => Kahlilla's nice monster)

...Then she went to kindi and kicked some serious arse with her paint brush

More butt whoopin' on the easel

One day after school, Mum treated Indi and Lill to treats at the chocolate factory.

Marshmallows dipped in chocolate followed by strawberry fizzy stuff
(Soda for the Americans and pop for the Brits)

The girls behaving like tourists at one of the huge attractions on Phillip Island

February 10

More and more happy times with our family and friends

Mum put too much bubble mixture in the bath, but the girls didn't mind at all

Kahlilla... Our barefoot Cinderella

We fixed the leaky dishwasher. Colin was soaked ... Lill wore a raincoat

Lill is getting better at the self portrait with the camera

The girls had a wonderful time with their friend Megan

Kahlilla broke a brittle rock and copped an eyeful of sand and grit. Luckily we had the mummy costume in the first aid kit

February 6

What a big day Lill and her Nanny and Pop had on Monday.

The weather was hot, so after the mandatory "funny" egg breakfast (Lilla's description for scrambled egg with grated cheese on top), Nan, Pop and Lilla had coffee at MadCowes, with a cookie and belatedly, some french fries, then headed to the beach. The water was warm and the three of us enjoyed cooling off and playing on the knee board. Apart from the occasional dumping and a mouthful of seawater for Lilla, followed by Poppy realising he still had his car alarm keypad in his pocket ( now totally useless), we had a great time. Lilla wanted to dress up when we finally arrived home and had lunch, so enter princess Lilla, albeit tired and struggling to raise a smile, hence to picture. I'm guessing she slept well Monday night.

The Weary Princess

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