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Attention all
One of Lil's special friends Alf has written a beautiful song for her called Lullaby. Please click here to listen.


The HUGE NEWS of the year is that Kahlilla's little friend, Bronte has won her battle against neuroblastoma. Her tumour is still present but it has been declared to be all benign. This is such an beautiful thing to happen to an amazing little girl. Bronte and her loving family have given so much hope to all NB kids around the world.

May you always be well little girl.

Please visit her site at this address...

Bronte's Website.

August 30

Kahlilla was excused from chemo by her doctor, who needs her blood to be as strong as possible for the final cycle of chemotherapy. In fact he has given her a 12 day reprieve!!!! Hmmmmm ..... What can we do .....Where can we go in order to maximise this last minute gift of time with our exceptionally healthy girl??

Maybe ..... Lighthouse, camping, motorbikes..... Whatever we do, there will be fun and beautiful times.

August 29

Mum and Lill packed their things and headed for the hospital for what we hope will be Kahlilla's final chemo..... EVER!!! She will be scanned at the end of this cycle, so we once again trust to hope that this will all be over and Kahlilla will be declared to be in remission once again.

August 28

Home again after a brilliant snow holiday with our good friends Craig, Jenny, Tex and Xander.

Happy Ski Girl.

Removing the skis for a rest.


Lilly and Col on the chair lift

Emergency stop into the snowman

Enjoying the mountains from afar

August 26

We are half way through our ski holiday and we are having such excellent times.

We stopped at Rod and Kerry's farm on the way to the snow. Lill loved their horses and bottle feeding the newborn calves.

Kahlilla was so thrilled to see the snow again.

We hired our skis in the evening, but Lill could not wait for the next day to try them out .

Lill spent the morning at kindi ski school and she was most disappointed when the kids were taken indoors to read a book! "I just want to ski" protested Lill. She was much happier cruising about the slopes.

Kahlilla showing Mum how it is done

It was Indigo's first time on skis and she took to it very quickly and was soon skiing very quickly also...... Crazy kids.

August 21

More happy days for our Lilly, who is getting more and more healthy, avoiding hospitals and having loads of fun.

Kahlilla met Indi at her school on the day when the chicken pox exposure period was over. They were thrilled to see each other after a long time apart.

It was time for bed and too late to get out the game of Twister, so Lilly pretended.

A beautiful group photo

A beautiful group hug

Loving Sisters

Buried in Beanie Kids

August 13

Lill spent a beautiful weekend with her Nan and Pop. The highlight being a ride on the Puffing Billy, an old steam train that runs through the hills just outside of Melbourne.

Trainee Train Driver

Lill and Pop on the train

August 12

Beautiful days for Kahlilla. The only thing wrong has been that Indi has been exposed to Chicken Pox, so Lill can't see her sister for 2-3 weeks.

Lill and her Mum adoring each other

August 8

Lilly has been busy cramming everything in to each day.

Lill started attending 4 year old kindy once again

The early evenings have been spent on the beach flying kites in the gusty winds

Poppy received expert care from the worlds cutest hair dresser

August 7

A beautiful day spent at home with her Mum.

The Beach Pirate

Waiting in the back of the car for Pop to come and visit

August 6

This morning's finger prick should reveal a healthy enough level of white blood cells to enable a release from hospital!!!

August 4

Kahlilla is going along very well indeed. Her white blood cells have made an appearance but her platelets are still depleted. Kahlilla is however, so full of energy and happiness.

Lill had a visit from her friend Prue and they played and played together for ages.

Lilly and Prue

August 3

Kahlilla had a visit from the "Make a Wish" fairies today and she told them all about her 2 wishes:

1. A Fairy Cubby House in her garden at home

2. Another holiday to Fraser Island

Lilly and the Fairies

August 2

Kahlilla is bearing up well in hospital, despite her lack of energy due to her lack of white blood cells and platelets.

Crazy tube girl

Thrilled at her improved nursing skills

A very king man brought some yummy bread into the hospital for the kids.

Pets are not allowed in the hospital but toy dogs that walk and yap are welcome

Lill won a pink hat in a competition on the hospaital TV ... It was very exciting

And of course there was the new pet snake to be fed.... with a Play Doh mouse!!

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