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Samantha Hughes is OK!!!!

Her liver is on the mend and she is allowed home for a few hours here and there which has got to be the best news flash ever!

Please continue to send all your positive energy, zen, love, white light and/or prayers to your God for Samantha to accelerate back to perfect health. Please also drop by her web site and send words of encouragement for Sammy and her family.

You can find Sammy by clicking here

Or if that ever fails, the emergency standby website can be found ...here

Samantha Hughes

   Samantha's beautiful smile has returned

May your life be plain sailing from now on

Kahlilla's News

October 27

Beautiful days for Miss Blyss during this very busy week. The only drawback was an appointment at the hospital on the same day as Musical Munchkins. The usual fingerprick was accompanied by the usual drama - poor kid... and just as Kahlilla is happily getting unaccustomed to them.

    Very very unimpressed.

Kahlilla's doctor, on the other hand, was impressed after announcing that her blood was still up there close to 100% normal. Lill was so good for the doctors as they prodded and poked, but she got a rough jab in the ear by the student doctor with the ear probe a scope thinggy and her trust and confidence was instantly shattered. Oh well. We have 4 weeks to build that back up again.

    You can never have too many Kahlillas.

There was consolation in the Starlight Room with fun times with Captain Matt and with Mum in the bubble tubes.

    The Bubble Girl.

On the way home, Mum bailed out of the heavy traffic in the city (There are not even traffic lights on Phillip Island) and took Lill to visit Lewis and Gareth (Her Step Cousins) and she was so pleased to see them as usual.

    Lillie and Lewie (See Lill's new fingerprick band aid)

Next was a visit to Auntie Georgie's wher the girls also met Uncle Dan (the Web Designer Man) which was so nice for Kahlilla who loves her uncle dearly.

The next day, Lill was very ill with simultaneous vomits and runny jobs, but she recovered by the end of the day which is a reassuring sign of a strong immune system.

October 22

An excellent week for Kahlilla Blyss. We had fish and chips at the beach, lots of walks with Mum, lots of good food, lots of laughs with lots of friends and lots of gorgeous happy moments. Having said that, Lill started to develop a fever last night, but she seems better today. Let's hope her immune system continues to strengthen.

    Indi made an awesome tent in the living room and the girls played in there for hours

    Kahlilla helped Cassie and Zach with their science experiments

    Lill's look of disgust as Zach drank the science experiment

    We don't really go for Halloween in Australia but this is pretty scary

October 17

More happy days for Kahlilla. Nanny's birthday party was a wonderful evening with family and friends and the girls were so happy to be surrounded by their favourite Aunties and Uncles.

    There have been special moments shared with the chooks

    And precious moments trying on all the fairy dresses in the shop - the lady bird was the favourite.

Kahlilla's skin is recovering from the Accutane and not annoying her so much, although a paddle at the beach combined with rolling about in the sand made it a little painful to sit in her car seat afterwards. She will be fully recovered by next week when she starts another 2 weeks course.

October 13

It was Kahlilla's Nanny's birthday today and Lill went to visit her, giving her Nanny a huge hug, then singing Happy Birthday. Needless to say that Nanny cried some happy tears. We can't wait for the big party tomorrow evening.

Happy Birthday Nanny

October 11

Another beautiful week for our little Kahlilla,who is not so little, but very tall, gaining weight and adding some cuddly flesh to her arms and legs. Her tummy is always full of good food thanks to Mum.

    Kahlilla at her favourite playground in a matching hat.

    A late night snack of organic corn chips.

    With the rain iminent, Lill offers her body as a washing basket, so the clothes can be taken from the washing line as fast as possible

October 7

A very happy week for our little Lilly. Musical Munchkins has started again after a break for the school holidays, as has her Kindergarten. Kahlilla loves both of these and she is so creative and confident which is so lovely to see.

   Here is a special photo taken in Lill's favourite chair.

Lill is on a course of Accutane (retenoic acid) which is an adolescent acne medication, but is also believed to target immature cancer cells and knock them off before they ... well... mature I guess. Kahlilla is so proud of her pill taking skills - 2 red ones and 1 white one twice a day. The only visible side effect is that her facial skin is getting very dry and her lips are cracking. Mum has the special moiky (moisturiser) but the dryness is winning the battle at the moment. Kahlilla's program will take the pills for 2 weeks on then 2 weeks off for 12 months, with a doctor's check up every month. We have been told that the skin reaction should lessen with each course.

October 3

Poppy came to visit tonight and Kahlilla gave him an expert haircut, although she may have missed a few bits. Poppy didn't notice, so no harm done.

   "Hold still Poppy"

Before bed, Lill read Mum one of her favourite stories We're going on a bear hunt Kahlilla knows every single word by heart and she tells the story with such emotion and excitement. Very beautiful to watch.

October 2

The girls had a wonderful day with Nanny and Poppy today. Lill was bursting with energy and speed and she ate and ate.

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