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Attention all
One of Lil's special friends Alf has written a beautiful song for her called Lullaby. Please click here to listen.

May 2007 be filled with love, peace and most of all ... GOOD HEALTH

New Year's Eve 2006

We had a wonderful eve, on the beach watching the fireworks. Lill is taking her retinoic acid tablets again so her face is very dry and peeling, hence the moiky (moisturiser)

Indigo had a great time also, especially with the sparklers

    Kahlilla, Indigo, Nell and Colin would like to wish everyone and very happy Christmas. Thankyou for your incredible love and support over the past year and a bit.

Boxing Day

Another sleep in for everyone followed by a lazy day at home.

Lill wore her new gardeing apron all day

Indigo played with the new mice... or were the new mice playing with her?

Christmas Day

The girls were the only kids in Australia to still be sleeping at 10am this morning. They were exhausted from last night's party. They were so excited when they finally awoke and they tore into their presents.

Kahlilla was particularly thrilled by her 2 new mice in their space age cage.

After the opening of the presents, we drove to Melbourne for a party at Terry and Fran's house (Colin's parents) and it was so much fun. The girls loved running amok with their cousins and it was just a beautiful, happy day with friends and family, yummy food and good times. The weather deteriorated and it hailed. The major freeway out of Melbourne was closed due to black ice!! This is just crazy weather, given that it was 42 degrees last week.

We said our goodbyes and went back to Phillip Island and lit the fire. The girls had a bath and Mum combed Kahlilla's hair for the first time this year.

    Lill is growing up too fast now

December 24

We had a huge Christmas party at Nanny and Pop's tonight with all of Kahlilla's family... Uncle Craig and Aunt Bec, Uncle Dave, Aunt Nat, Will and Darci, Aunt Georgie, Uncle Justin and Charli, Uncle Craig, Aunt Jess and Mr Greg. It was a great night full of friends and fun and lots and lots of laughter and dancing. The girls were so excited when the presents were about to be handed out..... just about ready to burst.

    Uncle Craig donned the hat and handed out the presents from under the tree

    Kahlilla and Greg having an absolute ball

    Kahlilla putting her new make up on Auntie Jessie with Indi looking on. Note the fire in the background.... Our Christmas eve was cold and rainy

December 22

Mum and Kahlilla drove into Melbourne today for Lill's monthly checkup (A little overdue because of our recent holiday). Kahlilla didn't even cry during the fingerprick saga, enduring 2 fingerpricks and saying nothing more than "OW!!" Dr Waters was very pleased after checking over Kahlilla.

Then there was the usual stint in the Starlight Room where Lill promptly sought out Captain Matt and buried him under the beanbags amid cries of help and giggle fits from the good Captain and Kahlilla respectively.

Our friend Megan came in to visit which was really nice for Lill also.

December 21

Tonight, Nanny and Pop took the girls to see the Christmas House - a house on the island absolutely covered from top to bottom in lights and statues and reindeer and christmas trees all lit up like.... well.... christmas trees. The girls were amazed and they even got a tour of the inside of the house.


December 5-15

    By popular demand... may we present.... INDIGO!! (At Fraser Island)

We flew to Queensland, hired a 4WD and caught a barge over to Fraser Island, which is a huge island off the Queensland coast comprised entirely of sand. The island was stunning with its rain forests, fresh water lakes and beaches. We shared the holiday with our good friend Lou and her children, Arabella and Tolliman. The kids loved the sandy roads and particularly enjoyed the big bumps.

Kahlilla enjoyed every minute, marvelling at the every aspect from the huge trees to the tiniest ants. Most of the holiday was spent in bare feet because every path, hill and sand dune was soft sand and Lill really enjoyed being so care free.

There was plenty of time for swimming in the lakes, the ocean and the pool at the resort. Kahlilla donned her floaties and she was away, quickly gaining confidence and overcoming her worries, although she was afraid of being splashed in the face. Her solution was to do a cat’s bum when any waves approached and she closed her eyes and did a cat’s bum if there was a lot of splashing. She had such happy times in the water and it was an absolute pleasure to share these beautiful moments with her.

    Blissful times in a beautiful lake - Observe Lill's cat's bum

    Lill and Col having a rest under a palm tree

    The coolest kid on the beach

    Kahlilla’s koala impression in the paper bark tree

    Very cute swimming hat

    Mum and Lill in the beautiful Eli Creek

    Lill enjoying the warm, honey coloured water of Lake Boonjamin

    Lill looking up at a towering rainforest tree

    Exhausted kids in the car after a day of walking and swimming

    Lill and Bells at the shipwreck

    Blyssful and fearless in the turtle lake – complete with the ubiquitous boggie

    Admiring an enormous hoop pine

    Our sand angel

    Kahlilla and Tolly

    Sand castles and friends – what more does a little girl need

December 4

More good times at Kahlilla's house. Lill is so healthy at the moment with nice easy jobs every day. This equates to a very happy kid. Mum was not so healthy as she came over all feverish for one horrible day. The kids were evacuated to Nanny and Pop's house to ensure that they did not get ill before our big holiday in a few days time.

    Mum got better but the emotional scars are painfully evident

    Artful Lilly

    Poor Lill dropped a biscuit behind the couch and trapped her head trying to retrieve it. Her cries for help were muffled for a few minutes and she was not impressed when she finally surfaced. Not even a bandage could bring a smile

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