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August 31

Kahlilla spent a great day with Mum today starting with a walk to town for Musical Munchkins. Half way there, they saw the highland cows in the paddock and the man from the caravan park gave Kahlilla a mountain of old bread to feed the cows. Lill was amazed at how gentle the cows were and she said to Mum "These cows are so beautiful" Eventually thet had to say good bye to the cows in order to get to Musical Munchkins on time. Lill had such a good time and afterwards, she went for a walk along the beach with a few of her little friends and they all enjoyed an ice cream on a very warm and sunny winter's day.

August 30

Another dry nappy this morning. Kahlilla either remembers well and/or is quick to learn because it is as if the past 10 months did not happen with respect to wee wee management. We also had a similar experience when we took Indi and Kahlilla to the swimming pool this afternoon. Kahlilla has not been in a pool for 12 months and the last time, she eventually let go of Mum and drifted around a deep pool in her floaties, kicking and splashing and grinning from ear to ear.

   Not ready to let go yet

Today at the pool, Kahlilla played in the toddlers pool and waded about a bit, then she asked if she could go into the big pool with Mum and Indigo. She wore her floaties but was a little apprehensive, but within minutes she unlatched herself and drifted away, kicking and splashing and grinning from ear to ear.

   Self sufficient kahlilla

It was as if her last pool experience was only yesterday. Kahlilla was totally thrilled and she squealed and smiled and smiled and smiled. It was such a gorgeous couple of hours spent watching Kahlilla overcome her fears and reap the joyful rewards.

   A happy little girl with her Mum

This evening was very sweet too as kahlilla ate food, swallowed tablets, giggled and played. Her niceness seemed to step up a notch today. She brushed her teeth, had a big wee and climbed in to bed without a nappy. Good night Baby Girl, although not so much of a baby all of a sudden.

August 29

No overnight vomits which was just as well because last night Kahlilla rested her head on a beautiful pink velvet pillow sent by Samantha and Louis Hughes all the way from England. Kahlilla loves the feel of the pillow against her face and soft head. Samantha and Louis also painted some beautiful butterflies which now hang on Lill's wall. Thanks ever so much guys.

This morning was ballet class for our little kiddo. Kahlilla was radiant in a pink fairy number and she got so involved, listening very carefully and following all the moves so closely. She even tried to do the splits, but she stopped halfway after discovering her hamstrings. Please have a look at our little dancer.

   The leading lady has BOGGIES!!

   Getting some caring guidance from the dance teacher

   Watch me do the splits

   Kahlilla telling her teacher about her dog Zena (The hound over our back fence)

   What a pair of groovy kids

At home, Kahlilla wanted to lay in the warm winter sun with Mum but the Accutane makes her skin especially delicate and UV exposure is forbidden. She doesn't understand the reasons but she accepts the answer with trust and lays down with Mum wearing long legs, long sleeves and a hat. It was another successful food day with plenty of good grub being consumed. She seems to be over her latest illness. The other big news is that Kahlilla woke up this morning with a dry nappy. Lill was out of nappies at night in October last year and it is time to regain some lost ground. We had a little pep talk last night and she was reminded that with the nose tube gone, she is free to hop out of bed whenever she wants. So if she needs a midnight wee wee, justjump out of bed and wake us up and we will warm the toilet seat... or try to hold it all in until the morning. And she did just that last night.

August 28

Another overnight coughing fit and vomit for the little girl. (Cut and pasted from yesterday) No fever though, so she is on the mend. Mum has concocted a milkshake made from fresh blueberries, ice cream, honey and Kahlilla's nose tube milky feed goop. Extremely nutritious and Kahlilla glugged it down with "mmmm mmm" noises. Now that is a WIN/WIN!!

Today was a wonderful day spent with Nanny. It started with a walk along the pier with the dogs, a babycino at Mad Cowes - the favourite coffee shop, then a walk up the main street to visit Mum at work. Kahlilla ate loads of food and special milk shakes and she shared many special moments with her nanny. She even sorted out MacDougall and made him stop jumping up on her and licking her face.

Kahlilla must take 6 Accutane tablets each day for 2 weeks - 3 in the morning and 3 at night. They are pretty big and there has been much protest so far, but this evening, Kahlilla took the three tablets all by herself. On the tongue, mouthful of water and GULP ... GONE!! She is such a great kid.

   Kahlilla's tablet taking method

August 27

Another overnight coughing fit and vomit for the little girl. What little she is eating is not staying down. It would have been better to withdraw her from nose feeds during a more healthy period. Having said this, Kahlilla had a great day - free of Panadol and normal temperatures.

In an amazing coincidence (2 million people in Melbourne), Kahlilla met her hospital friend Sere at the cinema

We travelled to Melbourne, met up with Megan and went to see their new kids animated interactive musical. It was a cinema/stage show combination and the girls were enthralled. Kahlilla was stunning in a pink and purple suit and flawless, tubeless cheeks.

   Eager to leap onto the stage at the intermission

   Giving the star of the show a HIGH 5

We headed straight to Nanny's house after the show, where Poppy had made a yummy meal. They look after us so well. The girls were extra excited because Nanny has a new puppy. A Staffy named Mac Dougall. Indi loved him but Kahlilla was a little bit wary of the new muscle bound dog that licks and jumps up on little girls almost knocking them over. I am sure she will soon be showing Mac Dougall who's boss. Kahlilla ate a lot of food tonight, it must be Poppy's cooking.

August 26

Kahlilla had a rough night's sleep but with Poppy sleeping in her room, she was well looked after her and rested as well as could be expected. She was OK for most of the day today with Panadol keeping her temperature at bay. ... What can you say? Let's play in the hay? No way!! (Such a poet - and I didn't even Know it)

August 25

A rotten night for our little girl, with fever and coughing fits again. At 2am, Kahlilla coughed so hard that she vomited, and she vomited so hard that her nose tube came up and out her mouth...BUT STILL IN HER NOSE!!! The look of horror and panic in Kahlilla's eyes as she felt inside her mouth frantically wondering what to do, was such a sad sight. In a flash, Mum whipped off the sticky tape and quickly pulled the tube out from Lill's nose with Lill screaming all the while in terror. Once it was out, Kahlilla cuddled Mum, gained her composure and tried to get back to sleep, which took a while because her temperature was around 41 degrees. Eventually the medecine took its effect and Kahlilla drifted off.

This may be a blessing in disguise as we were planning to start reducing the nose feeds once the Hickman was removed. We will see how the Cold Turkey approach goes over the next few days, although we would feel more comfortable if she wasn't so poorly at the moment. At least she won't be leashed to her bed for the next few nights.

We all went out tonight and Kahlilla was not feeling very well and Nanny and Pop came to the rescue and took her to their home for some much needed sleep. Poppy moved his bed into Kahlilla's room and kept watch over her all night.

Yesterday's bath time was such a special moment, we would like to share with you a short video. We have kept Kahlilla's Hickman Line or her "Taps" as she calls them. The taps were cleaned by the nurses and are now kept in a bag. The movie is 4MB, so if you have a slow internet connection it may take a while to download.

A bigger smile has rarely been seen

Click here to play the file. Or simply right click the file and save target as.

August 24

A bad night for Kahlilla with high temperatures and a persistent cough. It was, however followed by another incredible day, because ... Kahlilla had a bath with Mum. Her first proper bath since November last year, and it was a big DEEP bath. Kahlilla was a little tentative at first but she soon relaxed and put her boobies under the warm soapy water. The look on Kahlilla's face was just gleeful. Colin took about 40 photos, but you only get to see two of them. Stay tuned, however for a little video clip.

Kahlilla went to Musical Munchkins this afternoon and she was the star as usual. In between feeling poorly, she managed to smile and laugh and have a great time.

August 23

A quiet day for Lilly and Mum who are both feeling a bit sick. Poppy came over in the evening with a lovely bottle of red with which to celebrate his grand daughter's most excellent news. Kahlilla spent hours totally devoted to her beloved Poppy this evening, giggling and playing and reading her favourite book to him about the missing green sheep.

August 22

Today will go down in history for Kahlilla Blyss Donahoo.

The poor girl struggled out of bed after such a bad night last night and she joined Colin in Snowflake and together they went off to the hospital. The finger prick could have gone better but no one thinks poorly of you Lill. Colin has done 50 blood donations and he still feels queasy everytime he sees the needle.

Dr Marty had a good look at Kahlilla and he was very pleased with her health, despite her temperature, sore throat and sore ear. He was just amazed at her happy disposition and healthy glow. Her blood results were good although no change since the past few tests. Her reds and platelets are still borderline for transfusions but she is full of energy, so no need to worry. Her white cells are OK with 100% neutrophils but only 30% leukocytes, meaning that she will fight off a bacteriological infection but will struggle with a viral infection. This explains the recent high temperatures which were all believed to be viral infections.

Dr Marty went on to say that all of Kahlilla's recent scans and tests returned negative results. No evidence of disease after 3 months is the hospital's definition of remission.

Kahlilla is in REMISSION

This enormous, incredible, beautiful realisation is slowly sinking in and there are tears and smiles all at the same time.

Kahlilla enjoying her recent good news bravely swinging - under her own steam!

An hour in the Starlight Room was closely followed by Kahlilla's last encounter with boobie sticky. Colin told Kahlilla that we were going to take away her taps and she was very concerned and a little frightened, although she understood that after today, there would be no more yukky changing of her boobie sticky. She was given a sedative and 30 minutes later, the nurses carefully peeled away screaming Kahlilla's boobie sticky and with a swift tug, the Hickman Line was out. Nurse Laura had to apply strong pressure to Kahlilla's throat for 10 minutes and Kahlilla stopped yelling and stared into Laura's caring eyes with total calmness and trust.

   A happy girl deleriously showing her "Taps"

After a short period of observation, Kahlilla's throat did not show any internal bleeding and she lay back on her bed and enjoyed her sedative. Her little "high' was so gorgeous to experience and she was all giggly and affectionate. We said goodbye and Kahlilla gave Nurse Laura a big squeeze. We reported to the pharmacy for Kahlilla's supply of retinoic acid and we headed to the carpark . On the way, we saw a lady who was very very upset and Kahlilla asked if she could give her a big squeeze to help make her happy. It was a beautiful moment.

At home Kahlilla rushed into her Mum's arms and triumphantly pulled up her shirt to reveal her lack of taps... then she collapsed in her beautiful bed. What an incredible day.

August 21

Both Indigo and Kahlilla spent the day with Poppy. Indi was still feeling ill so she had a day off school. Kahlilla had a rotten night, firstly vomiting while she was asleep and not being able to sit herself up due to her nose tube connecting her to the bed like a leash. The late night change of pyjamas and sheets was not what the doctor ordered. Later in the night she woke up screaming as the tape on her nose tube had come away from her cheek and poor Kahlilla was pinching the tube to her nose terrified that it would come all the way out. The ensuing drama in pushing the tube back into the correct length, then applying new tape was also not ordered by the doctor.

August 20

A quiet day for the girls who are feeling poorly.

August 19

Mum and kahlilla left the beach house and headed straight for Emerald where Trelene was having her 40th birthday party. Kahlilla gave out hugs to everyone with an especially warm squeeze for Zach. She was just getting into the groove, dancing away when she asked if was OK to lie down for a while. We put her to bed and found her temperature at 40 degrees. Zach is 10 and he was so nice to Kahlilla finding blankets for her and setting up a night light. Playing it safe as always, Mum put her in the car and headed for the hospital and started the wait in emergency.

Kahlilla brightened up a lot and she ran out the doors when Colin and Sputnik arrived with food for the girls. She raced around the waiting room playing chasie and hide and seek with Sputnik. Mum decided to take her home after the usual Saturday night injuries started tp pour in, taking precedence over Little Miss Energy.

Back at the party, Kahlilla grooved on for a little while then she started to fade after an hour so Mum took the girls home.

Kahlilla's Beach Holiday

August 14-19

Once outside the hospital, Mum and Lill met Aunt Georgie and her baby Charli and they headed for a beach house in Torquay. The Torquay one hour from Melbourne, not the Fawlty English one. Once they arrived, IceBlock was unpacked and they settled into the beauty and tranquility.

   Kahlilla playing on the incredible mosaic

The water view from the balcony was soothing medicine for Mum. They made the most of the fine weather and went for a walk along the beach where Kahlilla got her feet wet and found a huge crab. Further along the esplanade, there is a huge mosaic full of animals and sea shells and a sundial which fascinated and amused Lill for ages.

The rest of the days were taken up by playing at the playground and kicking back in the pram while Mum and her Auntie Georgie went for long walks.

   Kahlilla just looking cool

Kahlilla had a lot of fun with her little cousin Charli and she was very protective of her and looked after her wherever they went.

August 14

Mum was up early to take Indigo to school then get to the hospital for the weekly flushing of Kahlilla’s lines and a change of nose tube dressing. This is not a comfortable proceedure and Lill was most unimpressed. She did, however, cheer up substantially when Mum announced that there was no need to change her boobie sticky as it was only changed a few days ago.

August 13

This morning, we said our good byes to Terry and Fran and headed for the island. The girls stayed with their Nanny and Pop and Aunt Jessie for the day, while Mum and Colin prepared for Kahlilla’s next holiday => a beach holiday which is a bit odd for a kid who lives on an island.

August 12

A good nights sleep and Kahlilla woke feeling better than yesterday. With perfect timing, the blood results came back and there was no blood infection which means no nasty hospital germ or infected Hickman Line. Just a simple urinary tract infection that little girls are prone to once they start to wipe their own bums. Kahlilla is going to cringe when she reads this diary for herself in a few years time - closely followed by a slap for her Dad.

The huge news today was that we received the results of Kahlilla’s recent scans and they are as follows:

CT Scan => CLEAR

Bone Scan => CLEAR


Bone marrow jelly samples => CLEAR

Bone Marrow Core sample => The results of this one will take a few more days, but we all know what the result will be => CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR

The discharge process was lengthy and frustrating, but luckily for Kahlilla, three Captain Starlights found her up on the 7th floor a long long way from all the other cancer kids and kept her entertained while she waited patiently for her marching orders. Kahlilla was finally disconnected in the early afternoon, which was a shame because Kahlilla was invited to her first ever birthday party... a Harry Potter Party at that. Being 2 hours from home, she had to miss out.

   The Captains gave Lilly some goofy glasses

Tonight is Old Man Terry's (Lill's step grandad) 70th birthday party. Mum went home to fetch Kahlilla's sister Indigo, while Colin and Kahlilla went to visit Lewis and Garath. We went to the beautiful park and Lill did her impression of a koala.

The party was fantastic with many friends, lots of wine and plenty of dancing with healthy kids. Indi brought Kahlilla's Harry Potter costume from today's party that she had to miss and she was well chuffed.

   Take a look at Nell. It is easy to see where Kahlilla gets her looks from

Kahlilla was brimming over when the cake was brought out and she absolutely beside herself when she had a turn at blowing ouit the candles. Happy Birthday Terry!!!

Kahlilla rocked on until midnight absolutely unstoppable. She even got up on stage with the band and the other kids.

We all slept at Terry and Franny’s house which was a blessing as we were all very tired after such a hectic week and smashing party.

            This is just too cute to omit

August 11

Not a bad night's sleep with all things considered. Lill had a coughing fit which caused her body to shudder which pressed her hips on to the bed which hurt. Colin woke at 7am with all the other kids and their racket, but Kahlilla slept soundly until after 10. When she finally woke, she felt great. No fever, no sore hips and loads of energy.

The first objective for the day was to find clamps for Kahlilla's pumps, clamp them to a trolley and get the girl out of the bed. Once achieved, we tried to expend Lill's amazing energy but running around the ward, painting, playing with toys and hopping up on the window sill to see the helicopter ambulance land, which was very exciting.

Kahlilla's bed is beside a north facing window and the beautiful winter sun streamed in all morning, which boosted Lill's mood even further. Kahlilla was told that she would soon need to have a finger prick and she demanded that she not be kept waiting. Lill was so eager when the finger prick lady finally arrived and she did not cry or procrastinate or complain. She was so good and the pink band aid was the perfect reward.

Mum amd Megan arrived at lunch time and Lill was so happy to see them. Colin went to work for a while and the girls had so much fun playing with the toys and racing around the ward. Why is this kid still here?? Yes yes yes. We know. Just in case there is an serious infection and her immune system is still not 100%.

August 10

Mum and Kahlilla spent a squishy night in the same bed. There was little room in the hospital so an extra bed space was squeezed in, in the cardiology ward. Kahlilla had a weary day, still feeling a bit off. Her pumps had no clamps, so they were placed on the shelf and Lill was confined to her bed.

Colin arrived in the evening and Mum went off to Megan's house for a well deserved and uninterrupted sleep. Colin squeezed in with Kahlilla and they snoozed away together. Kahlilla's fever has subsided but her hip wounds are very tender and sore.

August 9

Another trip to the city for a day of scans and tests. The MIBG camera was in for repairs, so the scan was delayed for a few hours. This meant that Kahlilla would have to go hungry for a bit longer but it also meant a trip to the Starlight Room was now possible. Well it would have been possible had the Starlight Room not been closed. Lill was disappointed so we went outside and played on the swings and slide and Lilly's favourite water wall.

We were finally summoned and on the way back to the day surgery area, Lill saw Captain Starlight and rushed up to her and gave her a huge cuddle. When we made it back to Day Surgery, Kahlilla was a bit scared but she accepted her anaesthetic and quickly fell asleep. She had her MIBG scan and her bone marrow drawn out of her hips in 2 places. While she was under, Kahlilla also had her boobie sticky changed, so at least this little trauma was avoided this week.

Kahlilla took a while to wake once it was over and the oxygen levels in her blood were a little low so she had to wear a mask for a while. She was weary and as she opened her eyes, she say Mum, wrapped an arm around her, then continued to sleep. It was such a lovely sight.

Finally the nurses were happy with her recovery, and we sprinted to the car and headed to Megan and Alf's for dinner. Lill was excited to see everyone but she was not feeling right. Not even Luca, the door opening cat (Just like Slinky Malinky) could raise much of a smile on our little girl's face ... and her hips were starting to hurt where they were drilled today.

Mum noticed Kahlilla's temperature was rising, so we called the hospital who insisted we return immediately. We thanked our hosts for the yummy meal and headed for the emergency department. Here we go again. Kahlilla was 40.5 degrees and feeling worse and worse (but never complaining) Blood was taken and Lill even managed a wee wee sample at midnight. By 1am, some results were ready:

Neutrophils => OK

Red cells => a bit low

Wee Wee => high bacteria count

So it looks like just a urinary tract infection but the concern is that the infection coincidently flared up on the day of the anaesthetic and after her hickman line was flushed. So there was no going home with a bottle of anti biotics for Kahlilla. Mum took her up to a bed in one of the wards and Colin went home to pack and prepare for a few days in hospital. We thought this was all behind us. Kahlilla wanted to go home but she accepted the doctors' decision and drifted off back to sleep.

August 8

Colin and Kahlilla drove in Snowflake to the hospital for the first stage of the MIBG scan, involving another canula inserted in the back of Kahlilla's hand, which was very traumatic despite the special numbing cream. Once it was in place, the radioactive substance was injected whilst Kahlilla's blood pressure was monitored and even though she crumbled and cried, she was such a brave little girl through it all.

When it was over, Kahlilla thanked the staff and sprinted to the Starlight Room where she jumped on Captain Matt and played with him for ages, driving into him with the toy car and burying him with bean bags. The Captain returned the favour by tickling her with a feather and painting an incredible lion/tiger face on Kahlilla which attracted stares and comments for the rest of the day.

We had some lunch then played in the garden with the water wall and the swings which was so nice in the warm sunshine. Finally it was time to return to the nuclear medicine dept for the first MIBG scan. Lill was a bit concerned when the machine was lowered over her face but she kept so beautiful and still and then she fell asleep.

Once complete, Colin woke the sleeping tiger angel and carried her to Snowflake and we sped off toward Phillip Island to see Mum. We sped for less than a minute then we were caught in the crazy traffic, so we stopped to visit Lewis and Garteh for a while which was so nice and Kahlilla enjoyed playing with the boys.

Kahlilla slept on the drive home and when we arrived, she woke for just long enough to melt into her Mum's arms and settle into her own bed smiling.

In case you don't know what a possum looks like, we found one iin our garden shed tonight

August 7

Poppy day today and Kahlilla had such a nice day. Poppy had trouble keeping up as Kahlilla raced around playing in the shallow water at the beach. "Come in and get your feet wet Poppy!!!!" The water was freezing - Crazy Kid.

Kahlilla's hair is growing so fast and so soft and furry. We will have to start combing it soon

August 6

We slept in so it was a mad rush to get ready for Cousin Charlotte's 8th birthday party. Kahlilla and Indigo had a great day with their friends. When we arrived home, we looked at Samantha Hughes' website and say the gorgeous message she sent to kahlilla. Lill was wide eyed and amazed to see Sam say THANKS for the kangaroo. Her smile was enormous. Thanks Sam for making kahlilla so happy.

Samantha will soon start her Stem Cell Rescue program which will involve some intensive chemo and a few weeks without an immune system, so please visit her site, keep her in your thoughts and wish her the best of luck.

Samantha can be found by clicking here

August 5

Mum and the girls spent time at the beach this morning with Melman and Nyssa which was very special in the first warm sunny day for a few months. Later, we all went for a ride in Uncle Derrik's speed boat The Lilly Blysswhich was very special also, although Kahlilla was a bit concerned when too many knots were exceeded and she let the pilot know it, so we motored gently back to port at "No Wake Speed".

    Kahlilla and her Uncle Derrick

    Mellman, Indigo and Nyssa on the rocks

In the afternoon, Mellman and Colin took the girls to the playground by the sea, then we all played amongst the rocks and the girls insisted in removing shoes and socks and getting their feet wet, which was very exciting as the waves rolled in and out.

    Kahlila getting her feet wet

August 4

Friday is Kindy day and Lilly had a great time and was looking super cute for the photographer who roamed the room taking shots of all the kids in action. In the evening it was bowling night with Collie and Poppy's work, where Kahlilla and Indigo starred. Indi made friends with Nyssa (Mellman's daughter).

August 3

We arrived at the hospital nice and early for Kahlilla's big day of scans. First up there was a little injection through which the radioactive goop was administered. It was a huge injection from Kahlilla's point of view and it was very unpleasant despite the special cream that numbs the skin. Kahlilla had to lie still for a few minutes while the soft tissue of her bones was scanned and she was such a good little still angel.

    Mum keeping Kahlilla calm under the nuclear scanner

Next on the list was a chest X Ray and Kahlilla had to sit up straight and very still with her arms in the air, which she did just beautifully.

    Note the target on the chest and the rainbow clothes

After all this, Kahlilla deserved some time in the Starlight Room and as soon as she spotted Captain Starlight, she bolted over and gave her a huge cuddle. The Captain returned the favour by painting Lilly's face like a ferocious tiger. Kahlilla then raced around the Starlight Room in her little car, crashing into everyone and everything.

    Our TigerLilly, fascinated as always by the water bubbles

All too soon it was time to go and wait for Kahlilla's anaethsetist. Lilly amused herself at the fish tank while Mum and Colin tried not to worry about the very slim chances of not waking from a general anaesthetic.

   TigerLilly's most fierce face

Kahlilla was finally given over to the doctors and Mum and Colin had some lunch in the cafe with the rain pouring down outside. As we pondered what we would do if a tumour was present, the sun came out but the rain still poured. There was a sudden burst of light amid the gloom and we could not help but feel that Kahlilla is still clear of cancer. Later in the afternoon, the skies cleared and Lilly's moon was visible against the blue sky and any remaining doubt was removed.

Kahlilla was brought in from her procedures and Blossum the Possum watched over her while she slept. Gradually, she came around and she was fine. A bit disorientated but none of the viscious aggression she went through after her other general anaesthetics.

Lilly's friend, Megan came by to say Hello and Kahlilla was very happy to see her. Next on the list was a change of boobie dressing, which was so unfair after what Kahlilla had already been through today. She was over it and just wanted to go home. It took 2 pairs of hands to hold her down and another two pairs to do the dressing change.

We left the hospital totally drained. We have not had these sort of emotional moments for a few months now and we were happy to leave them behind. In her usual style, our Lilly forgot all about it within minutes, especially after a few rides on the new kids ride in the foyer.

   Mum, Kahlilla and Megan smiling after the ordeals

August 2

A big sleep in for Kahlilla. Colin got a surprise visit at work and Prue was very happy to see Kahlilla also. Mum and Kahlilla picked up Indi from school and they all went to the swimming pool, where Kahlilla waded through the kids pool while Indigo had her lesson. Hopefully, Lilly's Hickman Line will be removed soon and she can go for a proper swim.

Tomorrow is scan day for Kahlilla. A bone scan and a CT scan. If a cancer cell is left behind after all the treatment so far, it can start growing very quickly and therefore be visible on the scans. Kahlilla has no cancer cells, but the doctors just want to be sure. (If we have learned anything at all from this journey, it is to always be positive) When they find no evidence of cancer, we are hoping that her Hickman Line will be removed. Please keep Kahlilla in your thought and prayers tomorrow.

August 1

A follow up visit to the doctor revealed a much improved chest but the ear was much the same. Again Kahlilla's mood was unaffected as she blasted her way through another day with Mum. She is so cute and cheeky and full of mischief and energy.

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