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Attention all
One of Lil's special friends Alf has written a beautiful song for her called Lullaby. Please click here to listen.

January 31

This weekend was a busy one for the girls, with a huge outdoor concert where we experienced a great performance from THE PRETENDERS

Indigo digs the music

Kahlilla digs hugs

When Kahlilla wasn't grooving to the beat, she indulged in tickle fits

After the concert we had a day at the farm riding the motorbike and having a great time with our friends Lou, Bells and Tolli, and Mell and Will.

The Kid's Picnic

Kahlilla digs Pete the motorbike. In fact she jumped out of bed and straight onto the bike... still in her PJ's

January 26

This was an awesome week for the girls. Indi is still on school holidays so Mum has been busy organising fun things for them to do.

Lill's plaster cast creation

Indi and Lill playing with their doll. The poor thing desparately needed an injection and a nose tube! From where do they get imaginative ideas

The baby mice are gaining their independence and the girls were very understandingwhen they were told that we had to give them away to the pet shop. The pet shop confirmed that the 2 original mice are both ladies.

Lill's maternal instincts in evidence as she cares for the baby mice

Still good friends

January 21

The girls spent last night with their Nan and Pop, while Mum and Colin had a night off... They went to Melbourne for an evening at the Australian Open tennis and it was just brilliant ... we missed the girls terribly of course.

It poured with rain today. We are in drought and this was the first intense rain on Phillip Island for months. The girls were so excited by the rain storm during the hot weather and they sat by the window watching the pelting rain.

Hooray for the rain

The Meeces Update

As you are aware, we have gone from 2 mice to 6, and they are all still of very questionable parentage. The 4 babies are totally adored by Indigo and Kahlilla

They have named the baby mice, inspired largely by their markings.:

Thunder - has black fur with white patches, and one of the white patches on its back looks like a lightening bolt.
There is a little bit of contention with Thunder with Lill insisting that she christened the black mouse "Blackie" long before her was ever called "Thunder" Thankfully, he answers to either name.

Starlight - has white fur with pale brown patches, one of which, just behind its neck is shaped like a star.

Patch - also has white fur with pale brown patches, but none of the patches resemble anything in particular.

Tornado - also has white fur with pale brown patches, but as soon as you get him in your hand, he springs into action, desparately trying to jump out. He escaped and spent a few hours trembling behind the dishwasher the other day

January 17

Kahlilla had her monthly checkup today. Mum took both girls to Melbourne and it was a nice day overall. Just prior to her usual fingerprick, Lill decided to put her fears aside, announcing that she would just say "OUCH"... which she did. All the tests showed healthy blood and her doctor was very pleased with her progress.

Then came the traumatic part. All the chemo that destroyed Kahlilla's bone marrow, also neutralised all her immunisations, so today was the day to replenish. No fingerprick this time, these were proper needles, one in each arm and poor Lill didn't half object.

Once it was all over, there was plenty of compensation in the Starlight Room, made even better by being able to share that magical place with her sister.

Cat's bum practice

Starlight Lilly

Good friends

After the hospital, it was time to visit Megan and Alf, which is a favourite place for the girls to visit.

January 14

There is so much going on in our little girl's life at the moment. Please enjoy a photo summary of the past week.

Lill's first hair tie thinggy. The retenoic acid is very nasty on Kahlilla's skin

Lill is getting better at handling the mice

Arrrgh.... get him off!!!!! Lill is still smiling, so there is not too much to worry about

Lill is so gentle with the baby mice

We put Lill to work tipping hay bales over before she stacked them. Nice police hat !

Lill finally got a chance to jump in Jackie and Larry's pool. Lill loved the pool and the view.

Lill made a new friend. Kat looked after Kahlilla for the whole day and they had a great time.

January 8

Lill had a wonderful day with her nanny today. She had brekky at Mad Cowes, the cafe by the sea, then they visited the old folks home. Lilly asked if they were at a hospital, then declared that she shouldn't be there because she is not sick anymore. We all had dinner at Nanny and Pop's house and it was so much fun being all together, playing games,riding bikes and having a laugh.

Kahlilla's beautiful curly hair is making a speedy recovery

January 7

Indigo and Kahlilla had a visit from the police today. We warned them what would happen if they didn't tidy their room.

After attaining police hat and jacket, all Kahlilla needed was the car keys... and longer legs

"Excuse me driver.....Do you know what speed you were doing?

Kahlilla breathes a sigh of relief after passing the breath test

Lock the door and throw away the keys!!!

January 6

We had some big news today. Roddy and Rita (the 2 female mice) have had 4 babies!! We are not sure what is going on. We think Roddy is the mum, but the mice seem to be sharing duties so we are not even sure about that. Perhaps they had 2 babies each!!!

There are various conspiracy theories being bandied around.

1. The pet shop sold us a pregnant mouse (or mouses)

2. One or both of the girls was got at when the mice escaped for a few hours on Christmas Eve

3. Roddy is in fact a boy and is good friends with Rita

4. Rita is in fact a boy and is good friends with Roddy

5. Roddy and Rita are both boys, so they adopted

January 5

Camp Quality organised an evening at the horse races for the kids, so we went along and the girls had a great time. There were a few rides and a mobile zoo. Lill liked the rabbit.

Lill and Mum watching the races

A big thankyou goes out to Camp Quality for organising yet another enjoyable event. Please visit their web site by clicking here ==> Camp Quality

January 4

The weather has warmed up again and the evenings are perfect for a paddle at the beach. Lill loves to lie on the body board.

The girls brought their kites along and played with them for hours in the warm evening breeze.

January 1

Kahlilla and Indigo spent much of new year's day at the beach in the pouring rain with their Uncle Dan (Our excellent website designer)

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